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export to Excel causes application to close

Question asked by tnp on Sep 11, 2009
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export to Excel causes application to close


I have run into a problem with Filemaker Pro 10 closing during the process of exporting records to an Excel file.  So far it's only happened with one database file, and works ok with others.  Right before the export displays choice of fields for the export, the application closes.  I have used the "Save/Send Records As" command with this database and it works.  (However, with this method I get all the fields and I only need a few.)  It happens with exporting to either .xls or .xlsx format.  This database file was created from another using the "Save a copy as" command.  Would that cause a problem? I have other similar databases created the same way that I can export from.  There are only 177 records so it's not a huge database.  How would I find out what is causing this?  We are using 10.0v3, after an upgrade from FileMaker Pro 8 a couple months ago.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!