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    Export To Excel Question



      Export To Excel Question


      I need to export records to a excel spreedsheet but when exporting the labels are assoicated with the fieldnames in the table



      Investigator::Membership instead of (Membership)

      SearchbyMonth instead on (Month)


      Is their a way that I can name the label in the excel spreadsheet what I want without changing the table names?

      Tried adding the name in the Inspector but it did not work.


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          Nope, but wouldn't it be pretty easy to edit that top row to the names you want after exporting?

           I suppose that you could do a two stage export--import into an interim table with the field names as you need in the excel file, then export to excel--but that seems like a really extreme solution to your problem here...

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            It would be if it was just one.

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              Life would be a lot easier if i can do it in PDF but i cant may have to do it manually like u said, oh well.....

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                You can export to an Excel sheet with the full field names, as you are now.  Then have a second Excel table with what looks like the same sheet, but it has the top row of field names spelled the way you want them, and every row after that is a calculation, simply pointing that cell to the correct cell in the sheet of exported data.  All the formulae can be filled-right and filled-down.

                You could have a sheet with a row of the 'user-friendly' field names and record a macro that copies and pastes them over the true field names.

                Depending on what you use the data for downstream you could rename them in Excel.  For example if you want to refresh the data to use in a Pivot Table you can rename field names in the pivot table, and simply refresh the data.

                You can set up a spreadsheet with the column headers you want, then import the raw data from a csv-exported file (no field names) into all the rows below that header row.

                Probably the route to the best answer is to know what you want to use the data for, having got it into Excel.

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                  I think you could also set up an xml export with an xslt "grammar" that renames each exported field as desired. I haven't played around with this feature, so I could easily be wrong here and am assuming that you can import from xml into excel...