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Export to Excel: Using Check Boxes for Desired Fields

Question asked by TaylorWilliamson on Aug 11, 2014
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Export to Excel: Using Check Boxes for Desired Fields


     Alright folks... I have another question for you all! I envisioned a nice export feature this morning and would life some thoughts on how to make it possible.

     Think of a layout with columns of CheckBoxes that are aesthetically placed by category with a nice large "EXPORT" button at the bottom of the layout. The user simply selects the items (corresponding to certain fields such as First Name, Address, Cell) and then selects "Export". Filemaker then runs a script that exports an excel document with ONLY the selected fields as columns in the document. 

     The reason for doing this is because our table have LOTS of fields and it is tedious for clients to sift through all of the fields to find what they are looking for even if I neatly organize the fields in the list by using text dividers, etc. It would be great to have a place specifically made for exporting and a few clicks will give you the perfect document you need in seconds.

     What are all of your thoughts, cause we know you have them!

     Thanks so much!


     Taylor Williamson