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Export to PDF Script causing filemaker 10 to crash

Question asked by jonnyt on Feb 12, 2009
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Export to PDF Script causing filemaker 10 to crash


This works in Filemaker 9 but crashes Filemaker 10 ---->


We have a script that runs what we call a "report profile".


the script essentially looks at the ID number of the customer and outputs a report based on the customers requirements.


One of the customers requires the report in pdf format. The report is two page including a fee note on page 2.


This particular work provider  requires the Report and fee note to be inseperate PDF documents.


therefore we have a script that outputs page 1 to a pdf file called report.pdf

the script then outputs page 2 - the fee note to a file called feeNote.pdf


the script then attaches the rport to an email and promopts tghe user to manually add the fee note to the email (due to the fact filemaker cant attach multiple items)


Somewhere around this point Filemaker 10 crashes.


Fortunately, there are only 2 users that output this type of report, so they have to use Filemaker 9 which allows the script to runn suucessfully.



Any ideas why this is happening? We have a 40 user system and there are only two people using Fielmaker 9.