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    Export to same document



      Export to same document


      Is there a way in the same script to find some criteria and export it to an XLS file then perform another find and export that data to the same XLS file as before??



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          An export has no ability to append to an existing file (although that would be a good feature request - similar to the Append to PDF function).


          What you could consider is importing to a holding table in the same file. This could be done multiple times to build the record set and then finally export from the holding table to Excel.

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               Why don't you simply find all the records you need at once - or even piecemeal, by using Extend Found Set?
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              comment wrote:
              Why don't you simply find all the records you need at once - or even piecemeal, by using Extend Found Set?


              Perhaps each export is separated by events that generate additional data?
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                The ability to append to file rather than over-writing it isn't a feature, it's a basic need of any data processing application.

                It should be a global ability, not just a "feature" of exporting to PDF files. I hope Apple gives more comprehensive thought to Filemaker structure in the future.

                It's impractical to think the user can simply find all the records and export.

                1. The information might not be in individual records or even in individual fields. It might be in a container, or in a field that holds dynamic data like a URL. No way to export this all at once... you may need to record one Monday, three Tuesday, and five on Wednesday.

                2. Populating fields into a list and exporting all of it is inefficient compared to appending a file, and clutters up the administration of fields.

                3. There might be many users using the app at different times for different needs, but with common ground, such as a file that saves aggregated info from various users on stock picks, or favorite YouTube vids, newly scheduled meetings, or recommended blog posts. Some kinds of data generate many lines and contain information that is ephemeral. You don't want to create hundreds of records containing a single field for something with a limited lifespan that would have to be deleted again. For this, an appended file log is better than storing data in individual records or repeating fields.

                Append is not the icing on the cake or even the cake itself. It's the plate that holds the cake. It should be accessible to all file export functions.

                So... has anyone solved this? I too need to append to files.