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    Export Value



      Export Value


      In my database I have a pop-up menu for Experience Level.  Valid values are:

      0 - None
      1 - Some
      2 - Much
      3 - Experienced

      Those are what are displayed in the pop-up.

      Since I have the need to export this data into an Excel spreadsheet, is there a way to just export the value of the number, instead of the number, the hyphen and the text behind it?

      Thank you!

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          You could define a calculation field with this expression: GetAsNumber ( Experience Level ) and export that field.

          Or this could be a "use values from field" value list drawing numbers and text from two fields, the first field would be the number value and the second field could be the hyphen and descriptor text. This could be set up to display in the popup men much as you have now, but selecting a value would only enter the number value--which then sets up your field for number only export.