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    Export with custom field names



      Export with custom field names


           In the process of creating a mobile app for our conference, I need to export from FileMaker with specific field names that are not the ones that I have already established. For instance, instead of my field entitled "Begin Date," I need to use "start_date."

           I'd rather not rename all of my fields -- is there a way to create an XLS or CSV export and designate the names of the fields that go in the first row? I suppose I could create a record with the specific field names, but that seems like a bit of a kludge. Anyone?


           Rick A.
           Pleasanton CA

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               1) create that extra record, may be a problem for exported date fields as well as a Kludge.

               2) create a set of calculation fields that just copy your existing fields. Specify exporting from these fields.

               3) bite the bullet and rename all your fields--this may not be so terrible as only a very few details--that you may not have even used may "break" with a field name. basically, as long as you haven't created a calculation somewhere that refers to a field by name using the name in quotes, nothing should break with the field name change. And you can go to all layouts except table view layouts and edit the layout text labeling your fields so that the remain as originally named--you don't have to show the new names to your users except in the exported data.

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                 One more option comes to mind. Export the data twice. Export it from your current table into a new FileMaker table that has all the properly named fields. Then export to Csv from this new table.

                 Oh yes, and if you can work with an XML output, I'd research that option if I were you. You can probably set up a "grammar" for an XML export that renames the fields as part of the export.