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Export with Related Records - XML

Question asked by GenevieveHavemeyer-King on Apr 12, 2015


Export with Related Records - XML




I have a database that contains records based slightly on PBCore. I would like to export, as XML, each Asset record in a way that nests the Instantiation records along with all of the selected data drawn from other reference tables. This seems to be a fundamental part of efficiently and accurately exporting records that represent the complex relationships outlined in the initial data model (or relationship graph) - the whole point of creating the database in the first place. Is there a way to do this? Or an XSLT stylesheet workaround, perhaps? 

Related Issue: I've noticed that if there are Tab dividers visually separating portal records, only the tab that is open/visible on the layout will be exported, what gives? - this seems like a terrible oversight.

(this seems to be a long-standing issue with FileMaker, so apologies if this post is redundant, but I did not find any recent entries on the subject, and am really hoping this has been remedied)