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    export, some fields are empty



      export, some fields are empty


      I created  a database and to make some things easier i created a export script.

      After exporting i saw that i left some of the date fields empty which is strange because they were mandatory.

      So i checked the database and indeed they were empty (to test i exported and imported a few times). It was

      every time the same field a date field. I guess somewhere in the developping went something wrong so i filled in the blanks in the database and al the dates which were blank now had a correct date. I checked it and it looked good al the reports i created showed all the dates. Now the strange thing when i export the database all the date fields which where empty are again blank in the export file and when i checked in filemaker those dates do have a value.

      I tried to do a manual export using the menu options and it gave me the same result the old empty fields are still empty but when i check in filemaker they have a value.

      When i use the menu option send records as and use the excel file in the excel file the blank fields are no longer blank but have the value i see in filemaker itself.


      Anyone and idea whats wrong here because we use this export (and import function) very offen. 

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          Hi PatrickB


          > It was every time the same field a date field


          you didn't specify if ALL dates of this field was empty in the exported file.

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            sorry some of the date fields are empty see the export below (the last field is the date field i'm talking about)

            btw the second file i paste here is the file i created with the option "records save send as" excel file. In that file you see all the date fields have a value

            first file 




            "5","1","72,5","Gestort kasgeld",""








            "10","1","100,61","Sligro 3759548(1)","05-01-2009"

            "13","1","19,39","Sligro 3759548(1)",""

            "17","2","53,31","Gooisch Stofzuiger Centrum 24028(2)","07-01-2009"



            second file (date field is the fourth field here)

            jp_grootboekrekeningnr jp_grootboekrekeningnr_aan jp_grootboekrekeningnr_bedrag jp_datum jp_grootboekrekeningnr_omschijving

            1 8 € 1196,70 01-01-2009 Beginsaldo

            2 8 € 2770,50 01-01-2009 Beginsaldo

            4 7 € 12,00 01-01-2009

            5 1 € 72,50 01-01-2009 Gestort kasgeld

            8 6 € 13,00 01-01-2009 klaar

            9 8 € 600,59 01-01-2009 Beginvoorraad

            10 8 € 923,16 01-01-2009 Beginvoorraad

            11 8 € 135,84 01-01-2009 Beginvoorraad

            12 8 € 111,60 01-01-2009 Beginvoorraad

            13 8 € 91,14 01-01-2009 Beginvoorraad

            14 8 € 120,16 01-01-2009 Beginvoorraad

            10 1 € 100,61 05-01-2009 Sligro 3759548(1)

            13 1 € 19,39 05-01-2009 Sligro 3759548(1)

            17 2 € 53,31 07-01-2009 Gooisch Stofzuiger Centrum 24028(2)

            1 2 € 100,00 11-01-2009 storting 

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              Jens Teich
                 FM is not able to see a valid date. This might be because data was entered in an older FileMaker version which allowed more separation characters or you changed your date format settings on OS level.

              To test this you can search for invalid date data with '?' without quotes.


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                nope i did not change the date format on os level and the field has to be filled with a valid date (their is a check on it i tested that).

                I tried on the search layout the date field with a '?' but no records found.

                allso  the database was/is developed  using fm 9 only

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                  Jens Teich
                     This might be file or index corruption. You can try to rebuild the index of the field switching off the index temporarily.

                  If this does not help try to create a copy of the file (file -> Save copy as -> compacted copy).

                  Next step is File -> Recover, but it is not recommended to progress working with recovered files.


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                    The last solution "file -> recover" (i have to translate this i'm using the dutch FM version) did the trick.

                    Could their be a problem with the recovered file because now the export function is working properly.......? 


                    Look likes i have to use this one now because that's the only version i have got which is working properly..