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export, some fields are empty

Question asked by goosse on Jan 11, 2009
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export, some fields are empty


I created  a database and to make some things easier i created a export script.

After exporting i saw that i left some of the date fields empty which is strange because they were mandatory.

So i checked the database and indeed they were empty (to test i exported and imported a few times). It was

every time the same field a date field. I guess somewhere in the developping went something wrong so i filled in the blanks in the database and al the dates which were blank now had a correct date. I checked it and it looked good al the reports i created showed all the dates. Now the strange thing when i export the database all the date fields which where empty are again blank in the export file and when i checked in filemaker those dates do have a value.

I tried to do a manual export using the menu options and it gave me the same result the old empty fields are still empty but when i check in filemaker they have a value.

When i use the menu option send records as and use the excel file in the excel file the blank fields are no longer blank but have the value i see in filemaker itself.


Anyone and idea whats wrong here because we use this export (and import function) very offen.