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Export/Extract multiple records at once?

Question asked by NicholasRoy on Jan 26, 2011
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Export/Extract multiple records at once?



We use Filemaker to manage our database of Historical pictures. We have pictures grouped in multiple collections. I have been asked to extract/export abour 30% of our complete database (all 1 collection) and physically put it on a seperate hard drive. (I have never used Filemaker before)

I figured out how to manually do a search of collection, have all the pictures I need show up in 1 search result, then manually go through and export field contents to wherever I want. One at a time!

QUESTION: Is there a way to export/extract the contents of an entire search result (not the records of the search) but the contents as/in the images, and physically move or copy to new place? Can you do it with scripting? and if so how?