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Export: Combine fields?

Question asked by JeremyReddick on Mar 25, 2011
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Export: Combine fields?



I recently began a new job and I have never used FileMaker before. My employer uses FileMaker Pro 6, so it is an older version. I have begun familiarizing myself with it, as I am the web developer here and make use of databases integration. Unfortunately, the person who set up scripts originally is no longer here and no one here is too knowledgable about them.

The situation I have come into is that we are exporting data into an XML file. The export is combining fields to make compact ones, but on a manual export for testing purposes, I cannot for the life of me figure out how they are combining fields in the export options. For example, they are combing the fields of StartDay, StartMonth, StartYear, EndDay, EndMonth, and EndYear all into one field called "Date_List" states the range between the combined start date and the combined end date (i.e.: "Sept 17th, 2010 - Oct 10th, 2010"). I have looked around in preferences for application and document, as well as many other areas and I am just not finding anything related to export options.

In the actual export screen just before exporting it allows me to change the file from which I select fields as well as define the relationships between those files, to choose the character set, whether or not to format the output (radio buttons), and there is a summarize button that when clicked pops up a window that allows me to check or uncheck whether it is summarized by title.

The main reason I am asking about this is because I do not want the dates combined into one range, but rather a StartDate and EndDate, so I can query the records much more easily for display on our website.

Thank you for spending the time read this post, I really appreciate it. If any additional info is required, I will try to respond ASAP.