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      So first, I'm glad there's so many people out there who can help newbies like me.  Now the question, to which I'm sure there's a simple answer that eludes me.  I've created a from letter in a layout from text and multiple merge fields.  I want to export the letter as text so that I can use it in other programs like MS word, etc...  My crude attempts so far have only convinced me that either the answer is not obvious or I'm beyond hope with FM.  Help?  Thanks...

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          You can save it as a PDF, but that as close to what you want as you can get directly from your layout.

          You can create a calculation field that creates the same block of text with embedded data from your fields and then you can export that calculation field.

          Open Manage | Database | Fields and add a new field of type calculation, select "text" as its return type from the drop down in the lower left corner of the specify calculation field.

          Then enter the layout text inside quotes (you can copy and paste from your layout) and use & FieldName & to insert the data from your fields where needed. You can use ¶ where needed to force a carriage return so that following text starts on a new line.

          Here's an example of what this might look like:

          "Dear " & ClientName & ",¶¶" & "Thank you for contacting me on " & DateCalled

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            Perfect.  Thanks.