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Exporting a single record

Question asked by j.wegner on Jan 11, 2010
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Exporting a single record


Hi all,


I am trying to create a script to move records from one Filemaker File to another FileMaker file to backup old records.


To do this, I am using a script that looks like this:


Enter Find Mode

Set Field - to locate the specific record

Perform Find

Export Records - Exports to a file like Transfer.fp7

Open File -opens the backup DB Backup.fp7

Import Records

Close File

Delete Record


The problem with this is, depending on the record, some of my fields in the original database may be empty.  When I do the export, it would appear that FMP skips over those fields.  Then, when I try to do the import those fields no longer appear, giving me an error and not importing any of the records.


Any ideas on how to solve this problem?



Joe Wegner