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Exporting And Importing Records Between Different Files

Question asked by MatthewMackay on Apr 9, 2013
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Exporting And Importing Records Between Different Files


     Before anyone has a go at me, this problem could have been avoided with proper planning but hey ho, you live you learn :).


     I have a load of old filemaker files, each file is exactly the same apart from the data stored the fields. I have created a new template file which I want to import data from the old files into. I'll quickly run through how I would do this for 1 file manually so it hopefully makes more sense.


     Export desired records from old file.

     Create a clone of new template file.

     Import old records in to new clone file.


     This process needs to carried out for every file so for every old file, there is a new file containing the old records.

     This is relatively easily done manually, but I need the process repeated many times, so an automatic workaround is required. I currently have someone working on an applescript for this task but they're hitting a few snags.


     If anyone has had any experience with this kind of thing or if someone knows this just won't be possible, that would be helpful as well.