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    exporting as ascii text



      exporting as ascii text


      I want to export a text field contaiing many text field contents out as an Ascii text file that looks like this.

      field one "p" (paragraphi break)

      field two "P"  (paragraph break)   etc., etc., etc.

      In filemaker, the text is aligned left and looks exactly like this save you don't see the paragraph breaks.

      The caluculation doing the import into the text file looks like this:  

      InsJoin::ICompanyName & "¶" & InsJoin::IAddress & "¶" & InsJoin::CityAddress & "¶"  & Invoice::ExamDateText &"¶" &  InvLineItem::ClassID & "¶" & InvLineItem::ClassID2 & "¶" & Invoice::PortalContainer

      The field content import works perfectly and the FM output, as stated before, looks exactly right but the .tab and .csv text formats breaks up the flush left W/returns into non usuable output. Any help on this would be great.