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Exporting column headers when some fields are related.

Question asked by joel.s on Jan 12, 2010
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Exporting column headers when some fields are related.


I need to export records from FM10 to a tab-delimited text file and provide column headings in the first line so that another application will read it correctly. The header text includes FM reserved words and "/" characters so the field names are not ideal for use as column names.


Ordinarily I would keep a record containing the column names in the appropriate fields and sort it to the top then export.


In this situation several of the fields being exported are related values so my normal approach is not desirable as it would require dummy entries in the related tables to make this one record have the required values, which is getting messy.


Is there another approach I might be able to try or is it possible to prefix the export with some arbitrary text that could contain the header values, perhaps from a report layout part?


Can FM append records to an existing text template file that contains only the header? 


This solution has to work in a cross-platform environment.