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    exporting contacts with multiple related data



      exporting contacts with multiple related data


      Apologies if this has been covered, I find similar queries but can't seem to find a thread with a solution.

      I have a People table, with child tables for variable contact data like phone/email, and related to a Company table for current work info.  How can I create an export that will pick up *all* related data? into basic csv/xls table format

      Ex:  Joe Smith, Address fields from table A;

      home phone, mobile phone, etc, (and lables) from child table B;

      personal email, work email, skype, etc from child table C;

      company name, title, main number, url, address, from related table D.


      I recognize this is 3d to flat, and less obvious than it appears at first glance. Grateful for any observations.

      thnks, margot

      My final goal is import to Mac OSX Address Book, in case any one out there has resolved the full excersise.




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          And what format would you need in that file of exported data ( csv? tab? or ? ) ?

          You can easily export the data so you see this format:

          Parent Record data in a single row | 1st Table B Record | 1st table C Record | 1st Table D Record
          <empty columns>........................|2nd table B record   | 2nd Table C Record | 2nd table D record

          And so forth until all related records are listed....

          Parent record data for second parent record...

          Repeating the parent record data in each row could be a challenge given the three different related tables, but maybe you don't need that format.

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            Let's say csv - for import into Mac Address Book.

            I get the format result you outline. What i am missing is how to connect all the 2nd and 3rd related items, if there are any, to the Parent.

            Only thing I can think of is a table with multiple fields for each and look ups to create a single record format for export. Seems like there should be a better way... 

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              If you had just table B and Table A to export this would be easy. You could export table B records and specify that the related fields from Table A be included in the export. that would produce a CSV file with every row filled with data, the data from table A repeating for each record in Table B with the same related parent record.

              But that won't work when you also have records from tables C and D to export at the same time. That requires exporting Table A so that data from Tables B, C and D can be included.

              Perhaps it's the splitting headache I am about to take medication for, but short of creating a special table just for exporting the data such as you describe, I can't think of other method to try...

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                Thanks Phil,

                As I suspected but needed the expert update check. Feel better.