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Exporting Data

Question asked by jb_1 on Oct 19, 2012
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Exporting Data & sending in specific mail!!!



     I have a list of Cars in a table , contaning all informations of every Car.

     what I secced to do is: from the web browser ; USER chose what Cars (he cabn choose more than1) he want to export their Records (informations), Records will be saved in a table " REquestExport" :  list of cars, user_login(automatiqually entry),Datecreation record and  address_ mail_users.; Than , I use a scheddle script (in server) that perform find which record_status are " Open ", export records from the table "RequestRecord" and send mail (".XLS") to all USers, then he turned this status to "Closed" !!!

     What I want to do is , sending mail ONLY to users which chosing the lists , for exemple; User A chose 2 lists to export them; I want JUST to send mail to USER A contaning ONLY the 2 lists which he choosed. Other USER reseive Their specific Lists choosed before.

     the layout contain:

     Lists of CArs         Status         User_Login                    Mail                            Date