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Exporting data from file maker pro into an Excel sheet of a different format

Question asked by StephanieWeber on Jan 23, 2012
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Exporting data from file maker pro into an Excel sheet of a different format


 Hello all,

I'm attempting to use Filemaker Pro 11 and am having some issues on exporting data from FM Pro to Excel.  I'm not very technology savvy but I will attempt to explain what I need:

I made a template in FM Pro that I am planning on using for keeping track of research data.  It looks similar to a form as it has different boxes for different pieces of data around the page.  What I am trying to say is that it doesn't look like the traditional Excel sheet format that is used in many of the tutorial videos for exporting. Each sheet represents research data for an individual test subject. 

What we would like to do is do an export of this data into an Excel sheet that could group each individual based on its group name so that averages of each group can be calculated and figures/graphs made to denote weight changes, growths, etc. rather than having to copy and paste weekly individual data and input the equations into separate groups. 

I have already attempted to just do a mass export to see what it would do to our study template and it basically made a horizontal sheet with separate headers for each individual test subject and their corresponding data points instead of grouping the data in a specific test group.

I have included a JPEG of the FM Pro sheet that we have created to input individual data to give you all a better idea on what I am trying to explain.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!