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Exporting Data From FMP 6

Question asked by KelseyGrim on Sep 18, 2013
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Exporting Data From FMP 6



     I am attempting to export data from FMP version 6, running as a multi-user or peer-to-peer database on a Windows OS. The 'admin' password that I have does not work, and the only other password I have does not give me the rights to export any data as the export option is grayed out. As far as I can tell I have no way of opening the database in a 'single-user' mode to see if that would help at all ...

     Ultimately I am trying to export our database into XML, CSV or TXT so that I can back-up our data as well as have the opportunity to import it into a newer version of FMP or other database management tool. I have already tried opening the database with no other users logged on, and have even copied the fp5 files over to my PC and opened the database from that location to remove the option of 'hosting' the data, but nothing seems to work. 

     Is there a way for me to override whatever admin password may exist, via a developer password perhaps? So far all I have found is a FileMaker Key passware which I would have to purchase, and I would of course prefer to not have to invest anything to gain access to my own data, especially if it doesn't work. Apparently File Maker has stopped supporting their own software so I am at a loss here. Any help would be appreciated.