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Exporting detailed list

Question asked by JulienMenard on Feb 28, 2011
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Exporting detailed list


I'm in the process of retreiving data to send tax reports to our students. We basically have two lists : students and courses. I have no problem making a list of all our students. I have no problem with having a list of the people signed up for an individual course either. What causes an issue is that I want to know who to send a tax report for 2010, so I would need not only a full list of students but one that would also include ALL the courses the students were respectively signed up for. As of now I've only managed to come up with a list that includes only 1 of the course each students were signed up for.

I know this is really a specific issue but I really hope someone could come up with an answer: is there a way for me to have a full list of all students which would feature ALL the courses they've taken without having to go through each course individually in the calendar and taking out the student lists from those classes one by one?

Any insight is of great value to me!

Many thanks,