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    Exporting Entire File Maker Pro 11 Database



      Exporting Entire File Maker Pro 11 Database


      My non profit is moving our database over to Blackbaud Education Edge & Razer's Edge. We have thousands of records that are on our filemaker pro database and the only export options I'm seeing are to export whatever is shown on the screen, which doesn't lineup the data. 

      Is there a way to export the entire database (literally everything at once) to a .csv file? 


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          Unless your current database  consists of only one table, probably not.

          Do you know if the fields and tables in your solution correspond to the fields and tables in this other application?

          Export Records, is not limited to what is shown on the layout. You can export data from all fields in the layout's table and include data from related tables as well, but you have some work ahead of you to match up your data in the FileMaker solution to what is needed for import into the other application.

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            How do I export the data from all fields at once? 

            The company is willing to pair up the corresponding relationships between fields and tables for us. We just need to get them all of the data in the database so they can do that. 

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              You probably cannot.

              While it is possible to export data from more than one table in a single export, your database design (relationships) will control what get's exported and this can create any number of problems for the resulting format of the data in that file. (In otherwords, a consultant that is familiar with the design of your database might be able to reduce the number of files thus produced, but it doesn't sound like you are sufficiently familiar with the structure of your database to do that. And even then, the results thus produced might actually produce more problems for the data import due to the way the resulting CSV file would be structured as you can end up with some columns of data that repeat the same value over and over and in other cases, you can get columns that only show data for a  parent record and which are then empty for a set of related child records listed below it.

              What you can do is export all the data from each table into a different csv file and provide them with an ER diagram of the relationships that link them.

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                So how do I export each table into a different csv file? 

                Thank you for your responses by the way. 

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                  It will help if you have full access to the file so that You can Go to Manage | Database | Tables to be sure that you have a list of all tables in your file. If you don't have a layout based on each such table, you may need to add a layout. But here's the basics:

                  Go to a layout based on the table. Select Export Records from the File menu.

                  Select the csv file type, select a location for the export and enter a name for this file.

                  In the dialog that opens next, Select Current Table instead of Current Layout.

                  Click "Move All" to specify that all fields from layout's table be included in the export.

                  Go to a layout for another table and repeat the above steps.

                  Note: if you select the Merge file type option, you can export this data as csv, but with the field names listed in the first row. This will likely make life a lot easier for the developers that will then import this data into the other application. Giving them a screen shot of Manage | Database | Relationships might also prove to be helpful.