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Exporting field values

Question asked by guilhermefonseca on Apr 13, 2010
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Exporting field values


Hello everyone,
I am new to FileMaker and I am trying the FileMaker Pro 11, running windows Vista. The thing is, I have a database and need to export some .txt files in a centain layout to a third party database.
I have the following fields on a table called Results:
I need it to export just like this for each record set a different file.
Protocol Value
Password Value
Name Value
E-mail Value
Results Value
The thing is, when I use the export field content and use as path the same path as the previous field, it overwrittes the text instead of adding it to a second line. And when I try to make a calculated text field and use the return, the returns do not get exported, so all the values go on the same line.
Could anyone help me with a script or something like this?