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Exporting fields from database

Question asked by jkvc on Apr 19, 2010
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Exporting fields from database




I have been using FM for a while, but have little experience creating databases.


In my job, I need to extract info from the databases to Excel spreadsheets pretty regularly.


Problem 1.

When I export some fields, the text or date is often followed by a series of boxes with questions marks. These are non-printable characters, which do not seem to be in the FM daytabase, but seem to get added upon export. This has been happening with every version of FM we have had, up to and including FMP11.


Problem 2.

One of our older databases, a list of personnel and some dates, has a date field that gets updated every few years. When I export this info (name and associated date), the date field as it appears in the Excel spreadsheet contains several dates, as if every date ever entered in that field for that record has been saved. In FM, you only see one date, and even if  you delete the content of the field and re-enter one date, when you then export it, you still get a long list of dates. This happens only with those records that have been there a while and have had the date changed several times, not with newer ones that had only one date ever entered into the field.


Anyone else have these issues? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!