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    Exporting FIlemaker to iPad, or MySQL



      Exporting FIlemaker to iPad, or MySQL


      I have a website that supports PHPMyAdmin and MySQL.   This may simply be a distraction, but either solution would help me.

      I'd like to be able to edit my website on the road, and have a Filemaker database presently in 8.5v2 for Mac.    If I can export it to MySQL to import onto my Linux web server, and manage the database via PHPMyAdmin great.   If I can manage the database directly on an iPad great.     I see there is Bento for iPad, but I don't know if my equations are too complicated for Bento.    Can someone help me here?  I've put my database online at http://www.macmaps.com/astronomy.fp7


      Maybe someone who has Bento for iPad can tell me if it will see all the equations in all the fields or not.