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    Exporting found records to MS SQL table



      Exporting found records to MS SQL table


           My script finds specific records and then uses an ExecuteSQL command to insert them into a SQL table.  Unfortunately, I seem to only be able to insert them one record at a time, so 6000+ found records can take a few minutes and the user is forced to watch the list of found records scroll up as they are written to SQL.   

           In other words,  once I've found the records I want, I then do the following:

       Go to Record/Request/Page[First]


          Set Variable[$sqlIO; Value:"INSERT INTO......."]

          Execute SQL[No Dialog;DSN; ........]

          Go to Record/Request/Page [Next;Exit after last]

      End Loop

           Is there a way to write these found records all in one step instead of having to loop through each record to write it to my MS SQL table?