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    Exporting Layouts Along With Records



      Exporting Layouts Along With Records


      I want to export 24 records from FMP File#1 (from over 1,000 records) into FMP File#2 (currently empty, except for layouts).  When I export the 24 records, they come in one layout only (whichever one was checked).  I lose all the other layout possibilities.  Why won't the list of layouts export along with the records?

      I've attached a screenshot of the drop-down menus of the layouts. I lose all, but the one that's checked. So then I can't do anything else with the records.

      Any help would be appreciated!

      PS.  I have FMP 11


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          You can't export layouts, only tables. And this also does not export any table occurrences and relationships that you may have defined in Manage | Database | Relationships. Since each layout in the file may refer to a different table occurrence in Manage | Database | Relationships, there's simply no way the current versions of FileMaker can also export this data.

          Once you have recreated the same table occurrences and relationships, you can copy and paste to move layouts into the new file.

          But there is a simpler way to do this.

          Use save a copy as... to save a copy of your current file. If you want all the data in your file, you just save that copy. If you are using import to move just some of your data into the new file, use Save a Copy as... with the clone option to save an empty copy of your file. This empty copy will have all the tables, table occurrences, relationships, layouts, scripts, etc. as your original file. Now you use import records to move the data you want from the original file into this cloned copy of it.

          If "table occurrence" is a new term, you might want to read this thread: 

          Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

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            Thanks for quick help.  I made the clone -- and it has all the layouts, but not records as you explained.  Now I import from my master FMP file.  However, I don't want the whole thing (1,000+ records), just 24 records related to one specific client.  Is there a way to import specific records, not the whole file?

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              If both files are open, Import Records will import the current found set of the source table. Thus, you open both files, find the records you want to import in File 1, then switch to file 2 and import the records.

              If the source file is closed, Import Records Imports all the records in the table.

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                Got it.  Thanks!