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Exporting Media Field to XML File

Question asked by DanielLang on Dec 17, 2010
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Exporting Media Field to XML File


Hi @all

I have a Database in FM10 Pro Advanced and want now to export the content of the Database to an XML File, so that the content of the FM Database can be synced with an App which is running on the iPhone.

I wanted to start with a simple export export trough the menu to have an XML file to test with. But when I try to export that database as an xml file, I get an error, that media fields cannot be exported. So I guess I'm missing an important point in the export because xml would be a perfect container for data with images.

So my questions:

- How can I export data from FM to an XML file with fields containing images ?

- Is there a way to do the export (with capsulated images) per script only ? If yes, where to start with that ?

Thanks a lot... But I guess I have overseen something elementary.

Cheers, Daniel