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exporting multiple records to single pdf problem.

Question asked by jrobgk1 on Apr 4, 2011
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exporting multiple records to single pdf problem.



I have a payroll report that i am trying to export to an email for all employees at the end of each pay period.  Currently, the report sets up nicely, with a summary of the hours, events worked, and pay. when i preview the layout, the pages are broken appropriately.

However, if i try to automate the generation of email, i run into a snag.  either i can print the current record (which means only one record as opposed to perhaps 10 that an employee worked in a given pay period) or browse all (which means that a single pdf is created for EACH employee, with ALL of their pay records attached).  neither of these solutions work, clearly.

I tried a script that forced preview mode, then print to temporary path and then attach to email, but i still only get the option of a single record or all records.  

What am i missing?