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    Exporting Options



      Exporting Options


      I would like to follow this guide:


      To be able to export out ics files from FileMaker

      I am using FileMaker Pro 11 on a Mac and on post #28 the author (Josh Ormonddescribes how to export the file in a format that a mac can read to add to iCal.  

      Quote : "Export Records [No dialog; "FileName.ics"; Unicode (UTF-8)] //Only export the VirtualList field and set encoding to UTF-8."

      But when I go to write the script to export the Records, I do not see this option. 

      I get a list of:

      Tab-Separtated Text

      Comma-Separated Text



      HTML Table

      FileMaker Pro


      Excel 95-2004 WorkBook (.xls)

      Excel Workbook (.xlsx)

      What am i missing?




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          Dave Graham

          I believe that in the example they were discussing they were using Export Field Contents not Export Records

          - dg

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            I do not believe so. 

            It was discussed in the thread in post number #2:

            AHunter3 says: "If you were to export field contents, the resulting text file would be UTF-16 which may not work properly. ikf you were to isolate a single record and export records as text (this one field ONLY), the apparent hard returns would be exported as the vertical tab character that FileMaker uses for hard returns within fields and that probably won't work either."

            I did try just exporting my .ics file from one calculation record, but I ran in to the problem described above.

            If I followed the example correctly you load all the lines of the ics file into a vlist and export the whole thing out with a export records.

            I have the vlist working just fine, but I can not get the export to have the correct format.


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              Dave Graham

              I don't have an easy button for you, but here are some possible solutions:

              • Use AppleScript or a File plug-in to convert the returns to proper line breaks
              • Export to XML and write an XSLT to convert it into iCal
              • Build an iCal table for the purpose of exporting records. Add records for all of the header stuff, as well as a single record for each iCal value. Then you can export as tab or CSV and you wont have to worry about line endings. 
              • If you are on FileMaker Server you can subscribe to the events directly instead of exporting them.
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                I found the website filemakerhacks.com and on it Kevin Frank details how to export ics files out of Filemaker.

                See Here

                I never could find an option to export in the format I wanted, but i was able to copy the example script and make it work. 

                What bothers me still is that I can not choose the option if I were writing my own script.

                Thanks for all the replies!