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exporting or importing data from a portal

Question asked by dsmith99 on Aug 28, 2009
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exporting or importing data from a portal


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I have downloaded our first ecommerce order (from the guyacross the hall) from a Filemaker shopping cart called Dolphin Cart from an offsite hosting company (did standard export). Go Baby Go.


When I open remote and look at an Admin order table, I cansee his Ship to and Bill to, etc. Then there is a portal at the bottom of thissingle order, with Qty 1 for product X, Qty 2 for product Y, Qty 4 for productZ.

This is good, we all know about portals keying off of anorder number. This order data is in some kind of an inaccessible cgi table thatI can’t get into (I believe).


When I exported that one record, I ended up with 3records, all with all data fields. But only the first record completely filledin, and also in this first record, showing Qty of 1 for product x.

The second record only showed Qty 2 & product Y

The third record only showed Qty  3 & product Z

Only record 1, had the matching field, order ID filled in.


But my goal, either from exporting or importing, is to haveonly one record per customer that shows all customer info and all 3 products(X, Y, & Z…. or however many products were ordered) and their Quantities.If I had this one record, I could export to xls and send the order to ourfulfillment company in another state, which is the ultimate goal.


Is this possible, or will I have to re-write all orders witha pencil?

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