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    Exporting out container fields



      Exporting out container fields


           I tried looking through some of the previous posts on exporting container fields, but still couldn't get anything to work.  Even taking the simpliest example, just using the "Export Field Contents" (see screenshot), would return the message of "Cannot export container fields"?


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               Is "Cannot export container fields" the exact wording of the error message or have you paraphrased what it says?

               That doesn't sound like a standard error message so am wondering if the system has been designed to deny such exports and puts up a custom dialog with that exact wording or if you are actually getting a message that starts with:

               "filename" could not be created....

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                 Sorry, the exact message was "Container fields cannot be exported."

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                   What version of Filemaker are you using?

                   On a computer with which operating system?

                   Are you trying this with full access permissions? (Can you enter layout mode and change the design of this database if you want?)

                   I only know of two cases where container fields cannot be exported:

                   Access permissions for the current account do not permit it. (but then it should be a different error message)

                   This a file entered via "insert Object" in FileMaker 11 or earlier on a windows system. (but your file path refers to "filemac:")

                   What you have reported thus far doesn't really suggest either option as likely, so I am a bit confused as to why/how you are getting this message...

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                     I am using Filemaker Pro 13.  I am on a Mac OS X (version 10.8.5).  I am logging in as an Admin with Full Access?

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                       Then I don't see how/why you are getting that error message.

                       Can you click this container field on a layout and use export field contents from the Edit menu to export this file?

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                         Hmm... that's strange, when I click on the container field and go to the Edit menu, the option "export field contents" is greyed out?

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                           That is strange. Is this layout setup up with a custom menu? (A custom menu can disable menu options)

                           And are you sure that you have the file open with the Admin password? (File Options can be set to auto-enter a restricted access password and then the file opens automatically in the limited access password without showing a log in dialog.)

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                             I'm kind of a beginner, so I definitely did not set up a custom menu.


                             And when I look under "Manage -> Security", I am listed as Full Access.


                             Does that mean that in general, you are allowed to export container fields?  Because I get the same message if I use the generic "File -> Export Records"...

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                               It really doesn't sound like you have the file open with full access permissions. Just because you have an account that lists you as "full access", this does not mean that this particular file is currently open with that account.

                               Try this, while you have the layout up where you are attempting this export field contents operation, try entering edit mode or  accessing Manage | Security.

                               Can you do that?

                               Also, when you pull down the Window menu, do you see just one file named or several? (Also open and check the "Show" submenu.)

                               I find that I am wondering if you have more than one file open here as that would explain how you might be able to open manage | security and see account names while not being able to export field contents. You might be checking Manage | Security in one file and trying to export field contents in another.

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                                 I've only been working on one database, there is no second copy or database that is open...


                                 When I opened the layout with the photo I wanted to export, I can indeed enter edit mode and access Manage -> Security.


                                 If I pull down the Window menu, I see just the one file name (however, I notice that the "Show Window" menu option is greyed out)...

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                                   Let's try this:

                                   Create a brand new database file with just a container field and one record.

                                   Insert a file into the container field.

                                   Then try to use export field contents to manually export this image.

                                   Can you export that single image?

                                   If so, then there would appear to be a problem with your original file. It may be damaged. You can try recovering the file and testing the recovered copy (even if the recover process does not report finding any issues) to see if you can export from it.

                                   If not, then there is an issue either with your computer or this specific installation of FIleMaker Pro. That's a nastier problem, but you can try uninstalling and re-installing the software to see if that fixes anything.

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                                     Hi Phil,

                                     I really don't understand why, but this morning, when I tried to use the "Export Field Contents" script, it seemed to run okay and didn't give me the message of "cannot export container files".  Could I continue the question though, because when I tried to create the script that loops through all the records, I can't get the FilePath variable to work.  Could you take a quick look at this screenshot?

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                                       The way you are using Get isn't correct. What are you trying got do with this?

                                       There is no Get( File:*) function. So that might be a large part of your problem here.

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                                         The get function is not the function to be use like this. The get function is a function that you can look up in FileMaker help.

                                         What you need is a string concatenation expression that combines the path to the folder where you want to export this file with the name you want to assign to this exported file.

                                         From what I see, the complete script step would look something like this:

                                         Set Variable [ $Path ; value: "file:/sanusers/tsai/BEAM Grant/Test Exports/" & FoodFoto::_fkBEAMStudyID & ".jpg" ]

                                         But I could easily have some key picky detail of this file path incorrect.

                                         For more on $Path variables, container fields and the scripts that can use them, see: Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts

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