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Exporting Partial Database to Excel (.xls)

Question asked by Starby on Nov 3, 2010


Exporting Partial Database to Excel (.xls)


I will say up front I know very little about Filemaker pro or databases in general so any help will be much appreciated (the simplier the better). I am at 10.0v3.

I have a database which at this time is used only to collect data on documents.  Each of these documents are linked to the data base from the computer I am working on.

I have a need to export part of this database as an excel spreadsheet .xls I used the "Find' feature to define the items I wanted to export and when it hit the icon "Save as Excel". When I did that I recieved the message attached.

"Some of the files that are needed are either damaged or have not been installed. Please run the installer to correct the problem"

It tried to export using File/Export Records/ and then selected "Excel 95-2004 Workbook" and selected the fields that I wanted to export based on my original selection.  I received the same error.

I was not sure what run the installer was so I reinstalled 10.0v3 from the server to see if that was the problem. It was not. Still had the same error.

I am stumped I don't know A) what my problem is and B) how do I fix this. 

Any help would be appreciated