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    Exporting PDF with active links



      Exporting PDF with active links




      Here's what I would like to do but I'm not sure if I can.


      It would be nice if I could export a record to a PDF so I can email that to someone. On the original FM doc I have a link button that maps an address.


      How can I export this record to PDF & keep that button active so the client can just click & look at the Google map? I'm using v10 Pro


      Thanx for any info you can give. 

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          Thank you for your post.


          Under the File menu, you have the option to "Save/Send Records As-> PDF..."  Here, you can specify the file name, and then select either "Records being browsed" or "Blank record" or "Current record".  From your description, since you only want to "export a record", select the latter option.  After this, your link will still be active.


          From the File menu, select "Send Mail...".  This allows you to send an email from within FileMaker Pro, and one of the options is to attach a file.  Therefore, you can attach the PDF file above and send it to the person.


          You can also put both of these actions into a script, so it automatically saves as PDF and then emails it to a specific recipient.  All in all, your links would remain active.


          Please let me know if you need clarification for any of the above steps.



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            Hi guys, having the same issue but on FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced.

            Do I create the link as a button on the layout or a container with the image in it or what?

            Basically I am trying to have two buttons that are shown on the PDF and to have them clickable within the PDF to go to a certain URL

            Please help