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Exporting pdf with file extension

Question asked by ollieluff on Jul 4, 2009
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Exporting pdf with file extension


I currently have set up a script so that when an user clicks "export & e-mail" on an invoice layout it saves the invoice out as a pdf and then creates an e-mail with this automatically attached and various to: and bcc: fields completed etc....


The script runs fine and functions correctly, however I am using a variable to set the file name as the client and invoice number.  In doing this it seems to drop off the .pdf extension so is a real pain to send out to clients and either ask them to manually add .pdf or tell the computer adobe etc....


Am I being thick as I have tried treating the file name field as a caluclation filed e.g. $variable + ".pdf" but it gets very upset with me.  Any experience with this issue greatly appreciated?