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Exporting photo-Enlarge photos

Question asked by CraigFiore on Dec 9, 2009
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Exporting photo-Enlarge photos



I am trying to wright a script to Export my photos to a certain location. The location will be the same folder on our server every time and I want to do this with out a dialog box. 


The reason I am doing this is because, when it is exported, FM will read the new exported file and I am able to create a script to enlarge the photo in a preview window for better viewing.


The location is: afp://Celoseal Server._afpovertcp._tcp.local/Documents/Pictures/ OR file:///Volumes/Documents/Pictures/

I am hoping when we are not on our network we will be able to still view the preview through the internet off the server through our VPN.


Incase you are wondering, my overall script will:

Insert a picture to "Picture 1" (field name)


Export Field Content to location above.

If the file name is already taken it will rename the photo and re-Insert the photo to "Picture 1" (Im not sure how to do this either) 


The main goal is to be able to enlarge the photo for better view. I really don't need to save the photos as long as they are in FM. We try to keep the photos on the smaller size because they are used in reports that are emailed to clients a we don't want the file to be too big.


All help is appreciated.