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Exporting Portal Data

Question asked by kw on Mar 9, 2010
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Exporting Portal Data


I have a relational database (Filemaker 10) for high school sports. I need to export the data for the newspaper in a specific format, and I'm unable to solve this problem.


I have tables for players, stats, games, etc., and they appear correctly on my layout. When I export the fields using tab-delimited, the data is there, but not formatted correctly. The information for the player stats are on individual lines instead of on one single line. Before I changed to a relational database, I used calculated fields to give me the correct format, but that doesn't work now. I only get the first item in the portal instead of all of the items.


How can I get this related data exported in the proper format? XML looks like an one option, but I don't know XML very well.