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Exporting portal records

Question asked by EP on Feb 16, 2013
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Exporting portal records


     I have a dashboard with multiple portals on it.  I am trying to create buttons for each portal that will create reports.  The first portal I am starting with has 3 global fields in which the portal is filtered by:

     Global field #1 is called gType; #2 is called gStartDate; #3 is called gEndDate

     These fields allow the user to sort the protal by date range (using g fields #2 and #3), as well as by "type" (new, used, damaged).  Based on these settings, portal records are shown to match the "Type" selected by the user.

     I would like to create a script that generates a report by the date range selected, HOWEVER, I want the report to show each "Type" listed separately for that date range.  Is this possible?  If so, can anyone help me with the script?

     P.S. a PDF is desirable, but excel is okay as well.