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Exporting record information

Question asked by PedroMarroquin on Nov 10, 2012
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Exporting record information


     I have  a single table that is called "Global Invoice" and this global invoice feeds: Water Company invoice, Road Construction Co. Invoice and Common Client Invoice. When I go to the Common Client invoice there´s a script that id the records from this presentation and only show the common clients invoice records and it´s the same for the Water Co. and the Road Consruction Co. the thing is that in each one I have a "mechanism" where I do a sort of pre-invoice where I tell the companys how much would cost the service If I do it, I send the Pre-invoice and then if they say yes I do the invoice...

     The thing is that the "format" of the Pre-Invoice and the Invoice are sort of the same so I want to "export" the information that the Pre-Invoice has to the Invoice so I don´t have to copy or write the sane info. twice... Is there a way to do this?