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    Exporting Records to Another Mac on Same Network



      Exporting Records to Another Mac on Same Network


           Hi All,

           I want to set up a Filemaker server-side script that will export records from a database and put it into a folder on another server that I have on my network. I'd like to be able to do this without having to mount the remote drive on the Filemaker server.

           Is there a way to use the Export Records script step in conjunction with a filemac:/ path to go to a remote server?

           Would it be something like filemac:/(Remote Server IP)/Volumes/....

           Thanks for any help. Using Filemaker Server 11, Filemaker Pro and Pro Advanced 11.



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               In a server side script, there are only very specific locations to which you can export records and then only in certain formats.


               What you want to do does not fit within those limitations.

               You could do this from a client session instead of server side, but you'll still need access to that server's hard drive so even that won't work without mounting/mapping to a shared folder on the other server.

               And such a "client session" is often scheduled for a specific time of day by setting up a "robot file" that performs the needed script to export records on your hosted file. An OS based scheduling utility is set up to open this robot file which is configured with the "onFirstWindowOpen" script to run a script in the hosted database file.