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Exporting records to Excel

Question asked by JDenault on Apr 18, 2009
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Exporting records to Excel


Hey there, 


I have 2 tables, one let's call "Data" with 6 fields, each field has a drop down 1-10 rating, and a date.  Simple.  Second table has 2 fields, "Notes" and a date.  I have the 2 tables linked together by "Date", since that is unique in each one, and is only used once per day.


The Data table is used everyday, the Notes table only infrequently (when needed).  Question is, what kind of script would I need to export all the data from the "Data" table to Excel AND the accompanying "Notes" for certain entries?  Even more elaborate, can the notes show up as a "caret" ( i think its called that) in an Excel cell, when clicked, would pop open the notes?




by the way, feel free to let me know if I had the relationships set up wrong.  The only common thing I could think of was linking by "date".  Autonumber wouldn't work I dont think, again, I dont use the "Notes" table everyday