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    Exporting Records to Existing Spreadsheet



      Exporting Records to Existing Spreadsheet


      Is there a way to export my filemaker records to an ready-formatted excel document? I would like to export record data from my FM layout to a spreadsheet we use for comparisons. I've tried using the "Save to Excel" and "Export Records to Excel" scripts... They work, but require a lot of formatting to get the field data to display in a way that I would like.


      I have several portals displaying related records on my layout. I would like to export all the related records to a particular order number onto a spreadsheet, without having all the fields just export to the first line and have 100+ columns...


      I can elaborate more on my situation if needed... Thanks :)

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          Hi AJ,


          On the first point, I would set up the Filemaker file to export the data as a merge file, with a constant file name, to a constant location.  Then set up the Excel sheet under 'Data -> 'Get External data -> from text file' to import the fresh data from that exported file.  You will only have to set up the formats, calculations, etc once.


          You can script the export from Filemaker.

          You can script that Filemaker opens the Excel sheet.

          You can set the Excel sheet to import by a macro, or to 'Update data sources' upon opening.

          Hence, you click a button in Filemaker and presto the next thing you see is an Excel sheet with all your new data fully updated.


          On the second point I would have a script do exactly the same thing, except go over to the table that holds the portal's records, 'Show only related records', and export from there.  You will then have one record per row in the Excel sheet.