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Exporting records to Word for mail merge

Question asked by Badam on May 28, 2014
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Exporting records to Word for mail merge


     I am trying to populate an existing MS Word document (actually many documents but one at a time) with information from a FileMaker 12 database using a MS Word mail merge. A number of the fields that I am exporting are in portals. Is there a way to export the row as of portal and the data from the current table? I am trying to export these records and then do a mail merge rather than trying to recreate each of the Word documents in Filemaker since this would involve more than 100 documents .

     The end result I looking for (for one document) as an example would be in 3 or more section:

     The first would be a section of information about the project (all field in the current table)

     The second section would be a list of the events to take place (rows of portal 1 from a table called Events)

     The third section would be a list of detailed steps to complete each items in section 2. (rows of portal 2 from a table called Details)