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exporting related records to csv

Question asked by margotjacqz on Apr 22, 2012
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exporting related records to csv


Returning to the question of creating a CSV file with names and associated contact data (for import to other apps) (address book, google, etc) This is not, I think, complicated only tedious. Just doing a gut check on my strategy, and wondering if there is a better way. Thanks for any insights.

Situation (simplified a bit) has two related tables:

    A: names and related singular data (names, address, company, title)

    B: Contact points linked by a kUID. Table B has two fields: Type label (ie work phone, email personal, etc) and Data (number, address, etc). The label is chosen from a Type value list of about 15 options.


I understand how to create a layout based on table B, with data from A being repeated on different rows, but I am unsure that solves a problem of how to Map the variously labeled fields in the export/import process.

I can envision a script to

- create variables:  IF (lable = "work number"; set variable [$work=<phonefield>)  ELSE IF (lable=$home; set ...  etc etc.

- move to a new table with a separate field for every variable iteration, and other data from Table A, and use look ups and SetFieldByName to create new records.  The way I see it I'll still have multiple records for each UID, but data will be in specific fields (columns).

How do I loop through the original layout / found set? 

Is there a way that will create a single record (row) with all the data related to one UID in it's proper field?