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Exporting Summary field to excel problem

Question asked by jonnyt on Nov 21, 2008
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Exporting Summary field to excel problem


What I am trying to achieve is as follows:-


A dataset showing the number of records added each day.


I want to then export this to excel to create a line graph to display the trend over a period of time. The export to excel part is where it ceases to work!


I have created a layout with the Date when the record was added.

I do a date range search and then filemaker sorts the data by date and then a recordCount summary field


The recordCount field is a summary field which is a Count Of the number of Date_Record_Added.


The layout displays the summarised data and the summarised record count perfectly as follows:-


Date | No.Added

01/01/2008 | 275

02/01/2008 |167

03/01/2008 | 345

04/01/2008 | 327

etc etc



The problem I get is when I try and export this to excel. Filemaker will export each individual date in one Column BUT only the entire count of all of the record in the date range in column two Cell2 -  B2



How can I get filemaker to export each summarised record count with each date?