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Exporting to a Mac server path

Question asked by PaulHarding on May 17, 2015
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Exporting to a Mac server path


I have an export script running on a Mac with FM Pro 11 and the script tries to export to a shared folder on a Mac fileserver, but I cannot find a path that works in my script step.  I have tried filemac:/ followed by a huge combination of server IP address, folder name, volume name etc and none of them work.  If I export the data manually it works fine, but I would appreciate an example of a Mac server path for exporting to in a script.  All the examples I can find show me how to export to a local folder on a Mac client.  On a Windows client machine I can export fine to the UNC path filewin:// where is the Mac fileserver IP address, but nothing works from a Mac client.

I have also tried various file paths starting with file:/ and none work.

I always get an error saying the file could not be created on that disk.

Does anyone have some examples of Mac paths that I can export to from a Mac client to a Mac fileserver?