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exporting to a new layout and send to e-mail

Question asked by kimme on Feb 15, 2011
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exporting to a new layout and send to e-mail


Hello all:

OS: WinXP;

FM Version: fm pro10

I have a form where a user needs to input all the required fields and save it once. The save button contains a script where it checks any empty fields and the user should not be able to save it unless the fields are correct. However, when doing so, even if there's an empty field it can still proceed saving because of the default dialog box in fm that asks the user to allow saving the file or revert(something). So the save button still is being overlapped with that feature from filemaker. How can I get rid of that and allow only my save button to run if clicked?

I also want this form to:

(1) have a new layout containing the data inputted upon saving

(2) that new layout should have a send to email script so the user can send that form as an email.

By the way, this form should be compatible to web publishing. Send to email is the only script than can be used to web publishing.

Please help.