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Exporting to Excel from Related Table

Question asked by Atkins on Dec 3, 2013
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Exporting to Excel from Related Table



     Hopefully this is a simple fix!  I have a report in FileMaker Pro 12 (using List View) that has 10 fields from the main (associated) table and one field from a related table.  In my layout this information displays perfectly, no problem.  When I export to Excel though, I'm getting 38 additional rows in my spreadsheet between each record, and these rows are filled with data from the related field.  It's the same 38 rows and data for each record.

     I understand that the problem is with the relationship and exporting, but what I don't understand is where this data is coming from?  Why only 38 rows?  Why is it the same each time?  Can anyone yield any insight into this issue?  I don't get why it doesn't just export what I'm seeing on the layout?  Here's a screenshot of the export.  Thanks!!