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    Exporting to PDF



      Exporting to PDF


           Is it possible to somehow configure a FMP PDF Export where you see on the PDF itself the outline of the FMP controls or the styling from the FMP page for those controls (like color, shading etc.)?

           What happens is that I just see the text from the FMP (field, for example) control on the PDF, but no outline of that control, no coloring or other formatting. Thus, in many cases, the PDF Export does not look as expected.


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               Sorry, accidentally posted the wrong message. I've deleted it here, but that doesn't halt the email that gets sent out if you've subscribed to this thread.

               Save As PDF should produce exactly the same results you get when you print to a printer only in electronic format.

               I suspect that if you were to enter layout mode and open Layout Setup...,, you'll find the "delineate" check box selected and this is why you are getting the results that you see. With Delineate selected, only the current record shows the layout specified fill color and field borders.

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                 Yup, that fixed it .... You're amazing as always.

                 I'm not sure how you keep all these little settings in your head, but we out here in FMP land appreciate it!

                 Thanks again!!!!