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Exporting to Sharepoint on Mac

Question asked by OcoeeMiddleSchool on Aug 5, 2014


Exporting to Sharepoint on Mac


     I am writing a script that exports a PDF report. I am trying to get it to export to a document folder on our school's Sharepoint site but it refuses to cooperate.

     I have the Sharepoint volume mounted as a folder in the Finder so that when writing the script I can use Add File... to get to the location, wherein it writes the path filemac:/volume name/folder name/file name.pdf. I tried also changing the path to filemac:/server name/volume name/folder name/file name.pdf but no luck there.

     I am thinking it may be a permissions issue on the Mac side, in that the Sharepoint site is not getting my credentials from the Mac when it is trying to write the file, even though I am logged in to the Mac with a domain account. I tried reopening the file using Option to force it to ask me for my domain credentials but no luck there, either.

     The script does work fine on the Windows side, so I'm not dead... just slightly inconvenienced. :)

     Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers!